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Welcome on 3D WOOD!
We created a link between 400 year old experience and creativity and stunning technology. This allows the creation of new, never seen products with an international market. Our range of services is just as diversified
and ground-breaking. Let us surprise you!



Scaleno, the new natural iPhone docking station


Wooden Iphone Docking Station "Scaleno"






Bust of the Landeshauptmann Dr. Luis Durnwalder.


For his 70th. Birthday this bust
of the Landeshauptmann Dr. Luis Durnwalder was digitally modelled from photographs by our 3D designers, milled from cherry wood and then redefined by hand.





Ski Worldcup


What about a change?
While athletes all over the world are awarded with brass cups, our trophies are more prestigious than ever. The image shows a precious combination of Dolomite rock and wood.




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3D Wood

Milling of a bust



3D Wood

Milling of a negative form



3D Wood

3D Modelling of a bust